About So'journ

So'journ is a platform to empower individuals through their own and others' stories.

It is a creative space available for people to reflect on the love of Christ in different spheres of society and celebrate the good news in our city.

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Henk Greyling
Jakkie Swart

Vision & Mission

To see people moved by the love of God. We are a people on the move, on the run to show people that God colours in their lives. We live as the free, as sons and daughters of God to express His love. We want to journey together (So'journ) as people with the same mind, same thoughts and the same plan to see God’s Kingdom established in our generation. Henk Greyling - Founder of So'journ

So'journ Productions

The So'journ platform consist of state of the art studios where people can capture, edit and stream stories.

Skills development, life coaching, mentoring and ministry workshops will empower people and create a community of individuals who share the So’journ heart. Publishing video content online will distribute stories world wide and will be available for anybody to receive the message of good news. Individuals collaborate together to create networks to have a positive impact on a given community by establishing God’s Kingdom.

Video Production

A fully equiped video production agency that can produce for any video requirement.

Creative Design

Graphic design services that will promise to deliver.

Digital Marketing

Take your story to the next level with staying up to date with the latest social trends using digital platforms.

So'journ Stories

So’journ was found in 2014 and has empowered people to tell their stories over this period. We have built up a portfolio with a wide range of groups and individuals showcasing our variety of skills and expertise.

Our ultimate goal is to serve others and practice our talents to make a difference in God’s Kingdom.









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